VivaLift PLR935 Tranquil

VivaLift Power Recliner PLR935 TRANQUIL; Infinite Lay Flat
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VivaLift Tranquil in Astro Mushroom

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VivaLift Tranquil in Astro Grey
VivaLift Tranquil in Astro Brown
VivaLift Tranquil in Astro Brown in reclined position
VivaLift Tranquil in Astro Grey

VivaLift!™ Power Recliners: The Ultra-Modern Lift Chair

When it’s been a long day and you’re ready to get off your feet, you need a lift chair that meets your every need. Experience maximum comfort and relaxation with VivaLift!™ Power Recliners. VivaLift! is more than your average lift chair. It’s the perfect combination of luxurious comfort and breakthrough technology.

Rich in features, VivaLift electric recliners offers power lumbar for personalized comfort. Let the stress of your day fade away with a full-width power headrest that lifts your head, neck and shoulders. VivaLift! Power Recliners offer infinite lay flat positioning. These lift recliners let you find the perfect position for reading, watching television or working on your tablet. Plus, you can elevate your feet and stretch out completely with the footrest extension.

A convenient hand control with USB charger port lets you conveniently charge your smart device while you relax in these power recliners. For your peace of mind, the industry-first Lithium battery backup ensures your lift chair functions even when the power goes out.

VivaLift! Includes an array of fabulous collections. Choose from our gorgeous colors and find a lift recliner that matches your décor.

It’s time to elevate your lifestyle with VivaLift! Power Recliners.


  • Power Lumbar for personalized ergonomic comfort
  • Full-Width Power Headrest to lift head, neck and shoulders
  • Lithium Battery Back-Up is an industry first! Abundant power lasts and replaces ordinary one-time-use backups
  • Fashion Forward Styles set these chairs apart from all others!
  • USB Remote - Industry-first hand control with USB charger port to keep all those devices charged.
  • Footrest Extension - Extend the length of the footrest for maximum comfort.
  • Infinite Lay Flat - you have the power to choose your comfort level!


    VivaLift!™ - Tranquil Specifications

    Collection Tranquil Tranquil Tranquil
    Model PLR-935S PLR-935M PLR-935LT
    Weight Capacity 375 lbs. 375 lbs. 375 lbs.
    Size Small  Medium  Large/Tall
    Seat to Floor 18"  19.5"  21.5"
    Seat Depth 18.5"  20.5"  22.5"
    Seat Width 20"  22"  23.5"
    Top of Back to Seat 25"  27"  30"
    Seating Type Total Comfort  Total Comfort  Total Comfort
    Fully Padded Chaise Yes  Yes  Yes
    Footrest Extension Standard  Standard  Standard
    Recline Positions Infinite Lay Flat Relaxed Reclined Upward Lift Infinite Lay Flat Relaxed Reclined Upward Lift Infinite Lay Flat Relaxed Reclined Upward Lift
    Distance From Wall 13"  16"  16"
    Overall Chair Width 33.75"  37.5"  38"
    Chair Weight 137 lbs.  145 lbs  155 lbs
    Warranty 7-Year Pro-rated  7-Year Pro-rated  7-Year Pro-rated