The Top Ten Items That Can Help You Age with Ease: From Mobility Scooters to Stair lifts

Growing old is inevitable, and with age come limitations, your body may no longer move as you are used to, or expect to.  You may suffer from pain and have trouble with your mobility.  Fortunately, today, there are many aids and products that can make growing older a little more comfortable. 

Outlined below are the top ten products that can assist you to achieve a more comfortable, able and independent senior lifestyle.

1. Mobility Scooter:  Also referred to as Electric Scooters, handicap Scooters or Personal Mobility Vehicles, can really help your independence both within and outside the home.  If you do have limited mobility, or struggle walking very far, then a mobility scooter will make running errands so much easier.

2. Wheelchair: As with a mobility scooter, a wheelchair can certainly make getting around easier.  A wheelchair is also very easily transportable as an aid for relief from walking long distances.  Electric wheelchairs, or power wheelchairs, offer exceptional flexibility in mobility and help even those with severe mobility problems.

3. A Rollator: This is a frame that is like a scooter at the front, but your legs act as the motor.  It can provide stability if you are somewhat wobbly on your feet, but does enable you to keep using your legs and therefore keep movement going.

4. Walk-in Bathtub: Bathing can become very dangerous when you are older, and getting in and out of a bathtub can be hazardous.  Water can make everything very slippery.  A walk-in bathtub can take away all this risk, and also make bathing much more pleasurable.

5. Bathing Accessories: If a walk-in tub is not feasible in your home, then there are many other bathroom accessories that can make bathing much easier.  Such things as portable bath benches or seats, bathroom rails and grab bars can all make it easier to stabilize yourself as you bath and reduce the risk of a nasty slip or fall.

6. Toilet Seat Riser:  If getting up and down is a problem, a toilet seat riser can make life so much effortless.  It increases the height of the toilet seat, and means you can make toilet visits so much easier.  This can be vital in eliminating assistance to go to the toilet and improve your privacy in the toilet.

7. Lift Chairs:  Again if you struggle to get in and out of a sitting position, just getting in and out of an armchair can become laborious.  Also if you do sit for long periods, improving your comfort can greatly improve your well-being.  A lift chair has a motor and a hand control so that you can alter the position.  It can recline back, and it also lift forward to help you get up out of a sitting position.

8. Adjustable Bed: An adjustable bed allows you to move yourself into a more upright position whilst still remaining in bed.  They can be extremely helpful if you do have a lot of difficulty getting in and out of bed.  They can also make life so much more comfortable if you do spend periods of time in bed.  They can help eliminate issues with bad backs and bed sores.

9. Stair Lift:  If your mobility is restricted, then climbing or descending stairs can be a high-risk activity.  Many an elderly person has suffered a nasty fall trying to go down stairs.  A stair lift is an excellent way of eliminating this risk, and making moving about your home so much easier.  

10. Kitchen Accessories: Cooking can become quite a chore when your hands become arthritic but a number of simple accessories can solve this.  There are such things as tools to open jars and bottles, trolleys and trays to move food around, a kettle tipper helps support the weight of pouring a kettle and non-slip mats and cutting boards.  


These ten mobility aids can make growing old not so hard, and extend your ability to function comfortably in your own home.  It certainly makes sense to acquire whatever help you can to make your life easier and take away as many worries as possible.