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Walter B. - Regained My Independence!


Before I came to Dauterman Healthcare & Mobility I was stuck at home in my recliner watching TV. I had a hard time getting in and out of my chair and an even harder time getting around.

I’m 93 and have mobility issues. I had a walker but my mobility declined to the point where I was unable to use it any longer. I stopped in at Dauterman to see what they had to offer and was amazed at the selection of mobility items available as well as numerous other items to help with daily life.

Randy helped me and went over all the different scooter types and power wheelchairs explaining all the features of the different models they had. After several hours of trying different scooters and talking with Randy I found just the right one for me and I love it! Now I can go wherever I want to go with my scooter, out of the house, down to the corner store to pick up some groceries, across the street to Waikiki beach or right on to the city bus to take a trip farther away since all the Honolulu buses are handicap accessible.

I was so happy and satisfied with the help and care I got at Dauterman I came back for a lift chair recliner. Randy happily went over all the models and features again with the lift chairs and when I had decided on one, he delivered the lift chair and set it all up for me right in my living room so it was all ready to go! Now I can watch TV in my comfortable lift chair recliner and get out of the chair with a push of the button!

I feel 20 years younger now and can get around and do the things I used to! Its great!

Sheryl M. - Great Service!

My family and I started buying supplies at Dauterman Medical since my father's laryngectomy due to throat cancer.

The workers are always helpful and friendly,

Every time we've gone to Dauterman, we have never had a bad experience nor have we had any negative thing to say about the service. If they didn't have the supply we needed, they would check for us if they could order it and let us know by when it would come in.

Flossy F. - Traveling the world by Go-Go

"My passion is traveling," Flossy said. "There is no way I can travel and enjoy it without my Go-Go because I can't stand to be a burden on anyone. My Go-Go allows me freedom and independence."

Flossy, now retired, was formerly a teacher and a guidance counselor. She founded the girls' softball program in the district and coached the team for 25 years. Flossy also coached a girls' softball travel team in the 1980s, which won a national championship.

Flossy travels often and has been to many places including France, Ireland, Germany, England, Italy, Greece, Spain, Canada and much of the United States.

“Before I had my scooter I had to be pushed around in a wheelchair, dependent on everyone else to get me where I needed to go. Now with my mobility scooter I go where and when I want to go! I truly got my independence back!”

"I also have fun with my Go-Go," Flossy said. "My friends sometimes joke that I am going to get caught by the police for speeding, which I think is funny. I also act as the scout to see if a restaurant up the road is a good one. I see my Go-Go as a way for me to continue to enjoy traveling."

When Flossy is not coaching softball or traveling, she likes to volunteer for Community Cares for Kids, a non-profit group she helped to initiate that performs corrective plastic surgery and surface tumor removal on underprivileged residents in Ecuador.

"Although I have never gone on the trips to Ecuador, I assist the organization behind-the-scenes from transporting patients to fundraising," Flossy said. "It makes me feel good knowing that my efforts are aiding other people. I especially like hearing stories of all the children who benefit from surgery."

Flossy knows that wherever she decides to travel in the future, her Go-Go LX with CTS Suspension will allow her to enjoy her vacations to the fullest.

"From the Grand Canyon to Hong Kong, my Go-Go lets me see the world," Flossy said. "I'm going to keep traveling for as long as I can, and I hope my Go-Go and I have many miles ahead of us."

Eugene G. - From the bench to center of the action

There's not much that can keep Eugene G from doing the things he loves.EugeneG 1

Eugene fought cancer and is an above the knee amputee in his right leg and is missing part of his right lung as a result, but cancer didn't win. Eugene, 61, stays active thanks to his Pride Victory 10 mobility scooter and vehicle lift.

"I really like my scooter," Eugene said. "It handles well, the turning radius is great, and it makes it easy for me to get around. My vehicle lift also works beautifully. It's so much easier for me to load my scooter into my truck and I can do it by myself. Both products give me a lot more mobility."

A previous highway construction worker, Eugene is fully enjoying his retirement. In the spring and summer, Eugene can often be found fishing which he calls his "main sport." Other hobbies he takes pleasure in include hunting, picking blueberries, and taking trips to the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland so he can go crabbing.

Eugene's very favorite thing to do is spend time with his grandchildren. He and his wife, Ann, have three grown children and six granddaughters.

"My granddaughters are into all kinds of sports and extracurricular activities, but I don't miss any of their events," Eugene said. "Whether they have a dance recital, soccer game, or are cheerleading, I don't miss a second of it."

Of course, Eugene's two Yellow Labrador Retrievers, Charlie and Haley, are also close to his heart. In between all of his other happenings, Eugene takes his dogs for daily walks with his scooter.

"My dogs may be getting older, but they still have a ton of energy," Eugene said. “My scooter is fast enough to keep up with them. I think it is healthy for all of us to get out and take in the sights and fresh air."

Eugene recently visited his daughter and her family in Massachusetts. Thanks to his mobility products, Eugene got to explore many places with his family during his stay.

"We went to the park, the zoo, and then simply loaded my scooter back up and came home," Eugene said. "That may not sound like much, but I wouldn't have been able to go to all of these locations before. It's not a hassle to just get up and go. I can go wherever I want whenever I want, and I never get left on the bench."