Walter B. - Regained My Independence!

Before I came to Dauterman Healthcare & Mobility I was stuck at home in my recliner watching TV. I had a hard time getting in and out of my chair and an even harder time getting around.

I’m 93 and have mobility issues. I had a walker but my mobility declined to the point where I was unable to use it any longer. I stopped in at Dauterman to see what they had to offer and was amazed at the selection of mobility items available as well as numerous other items to help with daily life.

Randy helped me and went over all the different scooter types and power wheelchairs explaining all the features of the different models they had. After several hours of trying different scooters and talking with Randy I found just the right one for me and I love it! Now I can go wherever I want to go with my scooter, out of the house, down to the corner store to pick up some groceries, across the street to Waikiki beach or right on to the city bus to take a trip farther away since all the Honolulu buses are handicap accessible.

I was so happy and satisfied with the help and care I got at Dauterman I came back for a lift chair recliner. Randy happily went over all the models and features again with the lift chairs and when I had decided on one, he delivered the lift chair and set it all up for me right in my living room so it was all ready to go! Now I can watch TV in my comfortable lift chair recliner and get out of the chair with a push of the button!

I feel 20 years younger now and can get around and do the things I used to! Its great!



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