Safety is an important factor to consider when setting up your bathroom. Evaluate what you need for your bathroom fixtures and read our information below on the options available. From grab bars for added stability to transfer benches for getting in the shower, there are options to help make the bathroom a safe place for everyone.

Who can benefit from bathroom safety features?

  • The elderly and disabled
  • Those with limited mobility
  • Anyone recovering from surgery
  • Young children or pediatric patients
  • Pet owners


What are the advantages?

  • Increased independence
  • Added support and stability
  • Reduced risk of falling

Bathtub & Shower Safety

Grab Bars
Install grab bars in key locations inside and around the shower to ensure stability. For bathtubs, consider installing two grab bars on the edge for support when stepping in and out. For showers, install grab bars along the wall.

Non-Slip Shower Mats
Place non-skid shower mats with grip surfaces both inside and directly outside the shower. Look for options that are mildew-resistant and have grip suction cups for stability.

Hand-Held Showers
Consider a shower head with an attached hand-held design for more options when showering. This is especially convenient for anyone who is disabled or when bathing children and pets.

Shower Chairs
Shower chairs are usually made with durable, lightweight materials with a non-slip surface like plastic and aluminum. Shower chairs are an ideal safety solution for the disabled and elderly.

Transfer Benches
For help transitioning from outside the tub or shower to inside, consider a transfer bench. Many come with swivel seats, locking mechanisms, suction grips, and adjustable heights. 

Toilet Safety

Toilet Frames
For added safety when sitting on the toilet, consider installing a toilet frame. It attaches to the toilet seat and has two rails on either side for maximum stability. Some toilet frames also come withseat risers, which are especially helpful for the disabled or those in a wheelchair. 

‚ÄčIf you're looking for a more flexible toilet option, consider a portable commode. With gripped legs or lockable casters, commodes provide a stable toilet that can be easily transported. For more specialized options, look for combination shower chairs and commodes and bedside commodes. 

Safety Features

AdjustableLook for items with adjustable heights and widths for maximum safety, customization, and comfort.

ADA CompliantThese are items that meet the safety and design requirements specified in the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Corrosion-ResistantThis is an especially important feature for shower safety products. Look for plastic and aluminum materials that will resist corrosion and mildew. 

CastersLockable casters are a key feature to consider when looking at moveable safety items, such as shower transfer benches and commodes. 

Weight CapacityMake sure to check the weight capacity of any product to ensure safety when in use. 

  • Under 300 pounds
  • 300-400 pounds
  • Over 400 pounds