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ergoSEET Small 15″ x 15″ x 1-1/2″
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ergoSEET Small cushion information

Over the course of your life, you’ve spent countless hours sitting uncomfortably. We can’t fix your office chair, but we can fix your back pain. Take your Raft posture seat with you to work, in the car, or wherever else you want to experience unparalleled comfort and support…..Raft will make comfort and freedom your new norm.

It started with stories of real people living in pain. People that thought there was no solution to back pain and other physical problems they dealt with every day. People that believed they had to give up and accept being uncomfortable all the time.

Maybe you’re one of these people, or maybe you know someone who is. Raft was created to rescue through a renewed sense of comfort and empowerment.

Raft products were developed through partnerships with doctors and engineers with one goal in mind – making people’s lives better and more comfortable. The ergonomic seat cushion has a contoured shape, and the port + pillar design allows you to sit properly, more relaxed, and with less lower back stress.

Raft doesn’t compress like foam seat cushions that promise comfort but make you feel like you’re sitting on a sponge. Instead, it provides a comfortable yet solid base that allows for balanced weight distribution. It supports ideal posture by preventing your pelvis from rolling back and removing the natural curvature from your spine.
Made of dual-density EVA foam
15″ x 15″ x 1 1/2″
Utilizes innovative port + pillar design
Anti-microbial protection
Increased Airflow: Seat temperature is reduced by 10° F
Weight Distribution: Peak pressure reduced by 70%
Posture: Relaxed seating position reduces stress on lower back
Waterproof: Closed-cell EVA is heat resistant, waterproof, & dishwasher-safe
5 year guarantee on cushion, 1 year on microfiber cover.