Golden Cloud w/Twilight lift chair

Golden Lift Chair Cloud w/Twilight MaxiComfort Medium/Large
Product SKU: GO-PR514
Cloud Lift chair with Twilight in Copper

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Cloud PR-514 MaxiComfort with Twilight in Brisa Bridle
Cloud Lift chair with Twilight in Copper
Cloud Lift chair with Twilight in Copper
Cloud Lift chair with Twilight in TV Position using Twilight tilt
Cloud Lift chair with Twilight in Coffee Bean Brisa
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Overview of the Cloud PR-514 MaxiComfort with Twilight

Golden Technologies' exciting innovation in Comfort and Motion, the MaxiComfort Cloud with Twilight. Cradle your body in weightless comfort as you experience how the three motor Twilight design shifts your body effortlessly into a weight-neutral state of relaxation.

Discover Weightlessness in the MaxiComfort Cloud with Twilight,positioning. Our patented, 3-motor technology offers an array of and ease the mind. Achieve extreme Zero-gravity and TV positions while enjoying the world’s finest rejuvenating seating experience!

What Makes This Different

The Maxicomfort Cloud with Twilight includes Golden’s patented MaxiComfort system and adds a third dimension to the recline motion. The chair base itself, including the armrests, tilts up and back, allowing the chair to cradle you in comfort like never before. Built on the ultra-comfortable Cloud PR-510 design, the Twilight PR-514 lets you achieve extreme zero gravity and TV watching positions for a truly rejuvenating experience.

Why We Like it

This chair comes complete with all the comfort features you love on the Cloud PR-510.  Like a full chaise pad, contoured seat and superbly soft armrests and back cushioning.  The unique Twilight hand control glides you gently to a true zero gravity sensation.