Prevail Fluff Underpad 23" x 36"; 15/pk

Prevail Fluff Underpad 23" x 36"; 15/pk
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Description First Quality Prevail Underpad 23x36 Green 15/bag - can be used with beds. Its absorbency satisfies the extra-protection needs of those who worry from unpredictable and recurrent leakage. These Underpads are designed to protect beds, chairs and other surfaces that need protection from leakage.

Product Features:
Unisex - Designed to fit both a woman and a man.
Odor Guard - Helps prevent odors before they even start.
Cloth-Like Outer Fabric - A soft, breathable outer fabric that is more comfortable for the wearer and reduces the risk of skin irritation from the traditional plastic backed incontinence product.
QUICK WICK with MaxSoft Technology - Combines superior softness with first-class acquisition speeds.
15 per Bag
Color: Green
Size: Fluff - Printed Bag 23"x36"